Tax deductions of up to 42% for research

Government of Spain supports research and development initiatives

In Spain, the Tax Agency defines a regulatory framework to promote research.

We help you to develop the projects and to present them together with all the required documentation to obtain these deductions for the clinic.


Economic and operational return with full support given at risk

You pay only a percentage based on what you achieve. The Spanish fiscal deduction program awards the effort that is required for the development of innovative activities. Deductions can be as high as 42%, applied directly to the amount of tax due.

We help you to prepare the scientific, technical and fiscal reports to justify expenses in order to claim tax deductions.


Annual calls

Planning is essential to prepare applications with a high probability of success.

We help you to develop new projects for tax relief and to identify eligible projects carried out in the last 5 years.


Opportunity to position your clinic at the forefront through R&D&I.

With work dynamics where health care and research go hand in hand and mutually enhance each other, optimizing the quality of care offered and its perception.

We help you to disseminate your results in scientific publications and congress communications.


Success is defined by the quality of the methodology, not the results.

The Ministry's R&D&I project evaluation processes are very rigorous and require high quality throughout the value chain.

We help you with:

  • Project design with applied methodology
  • Scientific and technical report
  • Financial report
  • Compliance with ethical-administrative regulations
  • Development of data protection plans